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Preventative Care Plans

Year-Round Wellness from Your Pet Care Team at AMCMA!

For what you might spend on a dinner out each month, you can now give your dog or cat the highest quality veterinary care. Our Preventative Care Plans are broken up into affordable monthly payments so your pet can stay healthy and happy all year long.

See all plans and prices in our downloadable Preventative Care Exam brochure.

All plans include:

  • Preventative care exam
  • Additional wellness exams
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Fecal exam
  • Screening bloodwork (heartworm test/feline leukemia test/blood chemistry as appropriate for the age of your pet)

Why Enroll?

  • Expert veterinary care, broken up into affordable monthly payments
  • Peace of mind that your pet is receiving all the routine services they need
  • Important services like spay/neuter and dentistry rolled into Plus plans
  • Multiple locations and convenient hours for easy scheduling

Preventative Care Plan Terms and Conditions