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Wellness Blood Screenings Are More Important Than You Might Think

Posted In: Feline Health & Wellness, Canine Health & Wellness

Recently a wonderful dog mom brought her pet in for his annual exam, vaccinations, and preventatives. Duke appeared to be healthy, and when the doctor recommended a wellness screen blood test, his mom wasn’t so sure that was necessary. He seemed perfectly healthy, so why bother?

It turns out that it is a good thing she took the veterinarian’s advice and agreed to the blood test, because Duke’s results showed an elevated level of creatine – a sign that his kidneys may not be functioning properly.

Annual wellness blood screenings are included in our preventative care plan packages for adult dogs and cats. The test looks for abnormalities in the liver, kidney, hormones, pancreas, and protein levels. Senior pets get an even more comprehensive blood test to identify common health concerns that we typically see in older pets. Even if you do not participate in a preventative care package plan, it is highly recommended that your adult pet have a wellness blood screening at least once a year.

At AMCMA, we have an in-house laboratory that allows us to achieve fast and accurate results. A quicker diagnosis means pet parents have answers quickly and, if necessary, the appropriate course of treatment can be determined right away.

Duke did not show outward signs of kidney failure, but we were able to do further testing to determine why his creatine levels were high and what we could do to help him. Had we not caught it early, he may have had major kidney issues or gone into kidney failure in the near future.

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